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Maximum Comfort and Discretion for Your Clients

First-time users want small and discreet hearing instruments that make them look great and help them hear better. Smaller than a traditional CIC, the micro-Invisa is the perfect product to help those clients take the leap into the world of hearing care.  

How we make them so small

The micro-Invisa isn't just made, it's created. We use the combination of over 50 years of experience with custom products and advanced technology to create the smallest possible instruments, while always keeping the comfort of your clients in mind. 


We scan impressions into our system and sculpt them in a virtual world. By using this digital process, our technicians can maximize the use of small spaces. Special miniature electronic components are placed in optimal areas to build the tiniest instruments possible. Because the process is so precise, there is no need for special impressions.   

Our most advanced technology for great benefits 

The micro-Invisa is small, but it's still packed with some of our most advanced features:


  • Sound Cleaner Pro
  • Smart Gain Pro
  • Feedback Eraser with Whistlestop
  • AFX Music Mode
  • HPF80 NanoBlock

The micro-Invisa is available in two price points- 17 and 9.