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Welcome to a new era of technology for Beltone. New Beltone True offers a brand new integrated chip and some of the most advanced hearing instrument features that address common struggles the hearing impaired face each and every day. Challenges with feeback are addressed with a new feedback management algorithm while Beltone True offers Spatial Directionality or Speech Spotter Pro and band-split to improve hearing in noise.

The debut of 2.4 GHz wireless technology is right here with Beltone's Direct Line of wireless accessories. This industry-leading technology can be found in the Beltone TV Link, Beltone Phone Link and Beltone Remote Control and will bring the hearing instrument wearing experince to a whole new level by connecting the hearing impaired to the world around them.


"I hope I don't end up with one of those clunky hearing aids"

Beltone True offers Sheila state-of-the-art technology in a small, discreet hearing instrument so she can enjoy all of the benefits of improved hearing without anyone knowing.


"When I hug them, the hearing aids whistle"

Like many hearing instrument wearers, Sheldon often experiences whistling in his hearing aids, especially when his grandchildren hug him. For Sheldon, Beltone True offers Feedback Eraser, which helps eliminate that whistling so Sheldon can hear what he really wants, his grandchildren's voices.


"It's not loud to me"

Whenever Susan watched television with her husband, she would consistenly turn up the volume, which made it too loud for him. But now with Beltone Direct TV Link, Susan can have the television volume stream directly into her hearing aids, which means she and her husband can both be comfortable watching television - together.


"I think you're supposed to hold the phone earpiece up higher"

Sometimes telephone use can be challenging for those who wear hearing aids because as soon as they hold the phone up to their ears, it feeds back and the person on the other end hears an annoying whistling. Beltone True offers Auto-Phone and the Direct Phone Link as solutions to this embarrassing problem so Joyce can have more relaxing and comfortable phone conversations anytime.


"It's really important that I hear what they're saying"

A lot of people depend on Michael every day so it's crucial his hearing be as clear as possible - especially in background noise. Beltone True offers Michael directionality solutions with either Spatial Directionality or Speech Spotter Pro so he can clearly hear what he needs to while in a noisy enviornment. Furthermore, Beltone True provides a band-split option, which complements these two directionality choices for superior speech understanding.


"It's a real inconvenience not to have them available."

Eugene is relieved he has never had to send both of his hearing instruments back for repair at once because without just one "it's like being deaf in one ear." Thankfully for Eugene, Beltone True is one of the most robust hearing instruments available. Features like new HPF80 NanoBlock, which protects both the inside and the outside of the hearing aids helps ensure Eugene's hearing instruments stay clear of moisture and particulates that can cause damage.