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Hearing care for everyone

Since 1940, Beltone has strived to bring hearing care to anyone in need. Beltone Origin continues that legacy today. By listening to dispensers' and clients' needs, we created a hearing instrument with advanced technology that is accesible to all of your clients.

Great sound quality

With Beltone Origin, we took the same digital signal processing circuit from our most advanced products and put it into a value-oriented package. The benefit for you and your clients- an affordable hearing instrument with great sound quality. 

Form factors for every need 

Beltone Origin is available in a variety of power levels and styles. For clients concerned about cosmetics, you can choose the new 64 RIE, 65 mini-BTE or Origin custom products. You can fit those in need of more power with the 75, 78 or 85 BTE models.