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  • Beltone Bold 

    Live powerfully

More power to your life 
Why compromise on hearing? This powerful digital hearing aid is specially designed to bring back the sounds of life, even if your hearing loss is severe or profound. It’s designed for your maximum comfort during daily activities.

Maximum power and maximum speech understanding

With an output level of up to 144 dB SPL and gain of up to 86 dB Beltone Bold offers powerful sound in excellent quality for severe to profound hearing loss clients. Industry-leading feedback management and directionality ensure that clients get maximum speech understanding without feedback. Sound Shifter, compresses high-frequency sounds with minimal distortion so clients can enjoy a fuller sound spectrum. 

Flexible amplification and fitting for you and your clients 

Tailor amplification to fit clients’ needs with options for both WDRC and Linear compression to give the best possible sound image. Solus Pro offers In-situ and optimized settings for clients with severe to profound hearing loss for the best possible hearing experience.

Robust and ergonomic design for all-day comfort

Beltone Bold is ergonomically designed with robust hardware and is protected with HPF80 NanoBlock from the inside and out  increasing the lifetime for less repairs. Your clients get years of trouble-free use and all-day comfort.